Patura Electric Fencing

Patura Electric Fencing

When you invest in an electric fence, you want to be sure you can depend on it, without question, without fail… whether it’s to keep animals in or to keep them out!

At Empress Fencing we stock Patura Electric Fencing – a respected brand with an enviable reputation for practical, efficient yet innovative products.

Whatever you need… electric fencing for horses, chickens, sheep, cattle, goats, pigs, wild or domestic animals… choose exactly the right options, specifically developed for the job.

Virtually maintenance-free permanent fencing… choose from steel electric fence wire, polywire, polyrope or polytape to achieve the right mix of durability, visibility and conductivity.

Quick and easy temporary electric fencing solutions… fence a hectare in under an hour.

The right power… mains, battery or environmentally-friendly solar powered units; multi-function, multi-voltage and even remote control. All easy to operate.

Safety first… state-of-the-art insulators and earthing, plus optional lightning protection and alarm devices, ensure your electric fence is safe and reliable, whatever the weather.

Control at your fingertips… with monitoring and fault detection features to make sure every inch of the electric fencing is working properly and as economically as possible.

To see the full Patura range download the Patura Electric Fencing catalogue
or call into our office to pick up a copy.

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Patura Electric Fencing Catalgoue