A well-liked softwood, Larch is durable, fairly flexible, tough and waterproof. Many field gates are made in Larch as they are often more durable than Redwood. Larch does not plane up as smoothly as other softwoods and a “ragged” effect is one of its features.


Redwood is a more decorative species of softwood. It planes up much more smoothly than Larch and offers a nicer finish, that stains well.



A dark hardwood. It is well suited to joinery and general construction and is regularly used in furniture.


A rich brown hardwood. It is used frequently in boat-building and furniture construction and is well suited to joinery.

European OakEuropean Oak

European Oak is premium quality timber, which is reflected in its price. It is extremely durable and yet offers a lighter finish than most other hardwoods. It planes up very well and is regularly used in high class joinery work.